Long Garden Bees install and maintain beehives for corporations and organisations on location to improve their status regarding sustainability, environmental protection and biodiversity. Our hive programmes offer a unique opportunity for employees to interact with the bees, their organisation and each other.

When we look at the honey bee, they thrive and succeed by going out of the hive and interacting with their environment, and they leave everything they touch in a better way than when they found it, as well as producing up to 100lbs of honey. We believe this philosophy is true also for successful companies in business in Ireland, who thrive because they understand that people and planet are just as important as profit, and that all three are interdependent.

Through our Corporate Hive Programme, our clients can not only demonstrate a commitment sustainability but also commit to improving their organisation, by learning about the hive and using these lessons to improve the overall impact of the company, as well as increasing production. In other words, companies are learning from the greatest organisation of them all; the honeybee colony.

What is included:

  • Installation of a beautiful, wooden Long Garden Bees hive branded in the client’s corporate logo, positioned in a safe on-site location, filled with Native Irish Honeybees.
  • Maintain the hive by the Long Garden Bees team who are experienced in the field of beekeeping in Ireland with four generations of honeybee knowledge
  • Hands-on, practical engagement opportunities including beekeeping workshops and hive tours for employees delivered by beekeepers with a background in education and leadership.
  • All honey produced by the hive, labelled in the client’s branding
  • Educational signage in the hive area plus a detailed report after each hive visit
  • Encourage and liaise with PR and media opportunities, as well as keep regular updates on Long Garden Bees social media
  • Unique opportunity for organisations to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and biodiversity in becoming environmental leaders in their locality
  • Increase of the local honeybee population in a very practical and meaningful way and positively impacting on the environment
  • ensure adequate public liability cover and liaise with the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine in behalf of the client

This is our way of saying, we want to share the story of the honey bee in order to support businesses as they grow into effective organisations, whilst also impacting positively on the environment.

Our Corporate Packages are ALWAYS tailored to reflect the values and mission of our partner organisations. We want our bees to spread your pollinate and spread your story.  Get in touch to find out how we can work together in creating a better place to live, work and do business. 

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