Long Garden Bees is a family run business based in the heart of Co. Longford. Rooted in four generations of beekeepers, we are ‘buzzing’ to provide many beekeeping services and products, including Corporate Hive Programmes, Bee-ginner Courses, Hive Experiences and our 100% raw Irish Honey.

Situated close to the banks of the Royal Canal and surrounded by farmland, woodland and peat bog, Long Garden Bees apiaries are filled with wildflower meadows and are a-buzz with the sound of humming from our Native Irish Honeybees.  Being custodians of these incredible creatures is our greatest privilege.

Our team currently consists of four beekeepers. Between this team, we have backgrounds in education, leadership, engineering, nursing and sport. This collaboration of all our various backgrounds makes the perfect mix to share our beekeeping knowledge with the wider community. 

While we originally kept honeybee hives for our own pleasure and to support the Native Irish Honeybee population, we now have turned our passion into a business.  We are concerned about the decline of our Native Irish pollinators. We account this decline to the four P’s:

  • People – mismanagement of our pollinators by people by maintaining too many honeybee colonies in one area or importing bees
  • Place – our environments now sufficiently lack food sources for our pollinators due to the increase in farmland and a decrease in wild areas
  • Pesticides – pesticides can wipe out entire colonies and yet are used frequently to prevent weeds on our tillage farms and gardens
  • Parasites – importation of honeybees brings new disease and parasites to Native Irish Pollinators.

We are ever aware of the respect and care which we must show to our pollinators. Unfortunately, the decline of pollinators is a direct result of human activity, which means, we as humans need to do more to prevent it.  Long Garden Bees was established in direct response to this concern.  It is our hope that we can share the story of the honeybee and increase pollinator pollinations in Ireland through our many beekeeping services.

Daphne Long Garden Bees

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