We install and maintain beehives for Ireland's leading organisations

We support businesses, through our Corporate Hive Programme, as they learn from the most effective and efficient organisation: The Honeybee Colony

Our Mission

Long Garden Bees strive to share the incredible story of the Native Irish Honeybee and the lessons we can learn from them.

As a Social Enterprise, we strongly advocate for biodiversity in our environment and endeavor to improve sustainability within our community.  As we share our insights into the world of the honeybee, it is our hope that we can cultivate a passion and awareness of the honeybee and our Irish pollinators through our corporate beekeeping packages, beginner courses and, of course, honey! 


For such a small creature, the honeybee has an incredible impact on its environment. We hope to share this impact with you, so that we too may learn from the honeybee, improving everything that we interact with, and in turn, making our world a more beautiful place to live.

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What do we do?

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Corporate Hive Packages

We install and maintain beehives for Ireland's leading organisations in Corporate Social Responsibility, whilst supporting the Native Irish Honeybee population and providing unique engagement and education opportunities for members.

Beekeeping Courses

Long Garden Bees provide courses for individuals, families and groups who wish to learn more about promoting, supporting and keeping the Native Irish Honeybee.

Our Partners 2021-2022

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